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The Hours: Christian Marclay

“The Clock is an art installation by video artist Christian Marclay (born 1955). It is in effect a clock, but it is made of a 24-hour montage of thousands of time-related scenes from movies and some TV shows, meticulously edited to be shown in “real time”: each scene contains an indication of time (for instance, a timepiece, or a piece of dialogue) that is synchronized to show the actual time. The Clock debuted at London’s White Cube gallery in 2010.”


Interactive video- 47 years of Bob Dylan

November 19, 2013, 2:04 pm 3 Comments
A Bob Dylan Video 47 Years in the Making

William C. Eckenberg/The New York Times
Bob Dylan in 1963.
Promotional video clips were hardly unknown when Bob Dylan released “Like a Rolling Stone” as a single in 1965, but Mr. Dylan never made one for the song. Now Columbia, his record label, is making up for that oversight with a newly produced web video for the song, mainly to promote “The Complete Album Collection, Volume 1,” a 47-CD set that includes all of Mr. Dylan’s studio albums, six live sets and a two-disc rarities compilation. But in the process, the company is redefining the way promotional clips are viewed.

Usually, you sit back and watch. If they’re by a performer you collect, you may go to some effort to obtain a copy. But Columbia’s new “Like a Rolling Stone,” which went live on Mr. Dylan’s website on Tuesday morning, demands not to be played so much as played with.

The clip, produced by Interlude, a digital media and interactive video technology company, includes 16 separate video tracks, each either a television show (like “The Price Is Right,” “Pawn Stars” or a BBC news show), others lightly disguised parodies of shows, films or cable networks.

Using the up and down arrows on a computer keyboard, or controls to the left of the clip itself, you can channel surf, changing the program at will. Celebrities — among them, the comedians Drew Carey and Marc Maron, the actor Simon Rex and the rapper Danny Brown — are seen on the various tracks mouthing the words to the song.

But, you may be asking, what if you just want to see Dylan singing his biggest hit? You can. Among the 16 channels is a video of Mr. Dylan performing the song live in 1966, although the video is cut to match the somewhat brisker studio recording, which is heard on the clip’s soundtrack.

Visiting Filmmaker, John McGreevy: Monday, October 28

Compression & other specs

Reminder: John McGreevy, award winning filmmaker, will be visiting our class THIS UPCOMING Monday, October 28th from 1230p-1p. Please visit his website to familiarize yourself with his work. Also make sure you arrive on time for his talk.

Mr. McGreevy will share his experiences from a mail room clerk at the CBC, to a Director of the Network, to an independent filmmaker who has travelled throughout the world making documentaries.

“John McGreevy Productions is an independent television production company specializing in documentary and dramatic productions. In all, over the past three decades we have been responsible for producing more than 130 films that have taken us around the world several times and introduced us to some of the most remarkable people.”

Ripple & Rolling Edits in PM

Here’s the link that shows you the two different kinds of edits you will commonly use, which I talked about in class yesterday. By using these edits (& resetting your ‘Preferences’ default in PM to using these types) will save you an enormous amount of time.

Ripple and Rolling Edits in PM

Have a great Thanksgiving!